our lab

Our lab uses computational, psycholinguistic, and probabilistic frameworks to better understand how language works. We study a pretty wide range of phenomena, including conversation structure, multilingual perception and production, phonological forms, and AI writing.

primary investigator

AI-generated picture of Gabe, looking at a "COMPTER" and saying "CUOMTER?" because AI pictures don't handle text well.

Gabe Doyle

Gabe is an Associate Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Asian/Middle Eastern Languages, and works with SDSU’s Digital Humanities program. He’s interested in computational probabilistic models of language, trying to quantify the internal and external factors that influence our linguistic decision-making. He’s also concerned about the potential consequences of ChatGPT and other AI + large language models, and researches their propensity to lie.

current grad students

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Gabriele Cocco

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Brianna O’Boyle

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Travis Putman

lab mascot

A portrait of Scootch sharing her opinions with some off-screen birds


Scootch is a cat. Her primary research interests include getting Gabe not to use fricatives when she’s around, and improving her recognition of the word “food” and its synonyms.